Southern Crane Syndicate


The Best place for Jib rentals in Atlanta & the south East


Based in Atlanta, we have a full host of camera movement systems. From our very capable Jimmy Jib camera cranes, stabilized vehicle mounting system, dana dollies, Aerial footage from our FAA licensed pilots & drones, ultra smooth Porta-glide skate wheels for your dolly, and Modern Cinema Sliders. With over 60 years experience between us, we're ready to handle any situation you might throw our way.


Jimmy Jib Triangle

We offer 2 Jimmy Jib Triangle packages. Build-able anywhere from a 6ft up to a massive 40ft reach, with a maximum lens height of 33ft. Our jibs are ready to get your camera overhead smoothly and efficiently. A 24ft jib can be built and camera ready in just over 1 hour.

Each kit includes:


  • Jimmy Jib Triangle w/ Remote head. Pan/tilt/zoom/focus, with up to 50lb Camera Payload

  • Custom, stable off road 4 wheel base to get to your location safely and quickly

  • 17" Panasonic monitor

  • Quiet 1kw generator for rig & camera power

  • Optional 3 wheel base for tight load ins, & intimate locations


*$650/day for up to a 21ft Jib

 *$750/day for 30ft (additional jib tech required for 30ft builds)

*800/day for our 40ft Package

Operators are $700/10

Vehicle Stabilziation Rig

Our vehicle stabilizer is a low cost vibration isolating rig. It consists of a DJI Ronin MX, and a specialized vibration isolator to remove all road noise & vehicle movement from the shot. The rig can be under-slung from the side or rear of the vehicle, or over-slung for hood and roof mount applications. Complete monitoring and remote control from inside the vehicle makes framing and following the action very easy. Supporting camera payloads up to 12lbs make this perfect for the Alexa Mini, or Red Epic platforms. We've also found that the Sony A7S or other DSLR's are a great match.

Pricing is $900/day and includes the Operator.

FAA Licensed Pilots

X5S Stabilized 5k Camera With interchangeable lenses. Dual Battery Set up for faster turn around in between flights. High speed capability, and extreme stability even in windy conditions. Dual Operators for more refined and smoother footage, one Pilot, one Camera Operator.

DJI Inpsire 2

Arri Sky Panels


Dana Dolly

Ask about our Lighting and Grip Packages!!!

Items include things like-

Arri S60 Sky Panels

12x12 & 8x8 frames and rags

Porta-Glide dolly wheels (best around)

A very precise and smooth 4ft Modern Studio Slider

Modern Doorway Dolly

2 Complete Dana Dolly's - We can also mount our Ronin to these to get your camera's into some interesting positions)



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